Let us help you tell your business story. We easily CONNECT your business to your target market, in real time, and without even leaving your office.

Digital Marketing

Create fresh and engaging content and find your voice online.


Want to engage with a new audience? Or find customers online?

We believe that mixing the digital and physical worlds offers your brand a unique new way of connecting with your audience.

From email marketing campaigns to online campaigns, we can help you spread your message consistently and effectively.

We can help create a digital roadmap to keep you on track. An integrated approach will ensure your online presence is optimised, effective and worthwhile.

The KP Collective services:

  • Digital Marketing strategy
  • Online campaigns and advertising
  • Content management
  • Email marketing
  • e-newsletter
  • e-books
  • Content marketing


Don’t wait for your customers to come to you!

Discover how to find customers online or how to engage your audience. Contact us - tweet us even - and find out more.

Social Media

It’s time to get social! Manage your social media quickly and properly to boost business.


We get it. There’ so many new social media platforms out there that it’s difficult even for us to keep up with them all!

Social media is a difficult thing to do well. It absorbs time and needs effort to show results. However, if done correctly, social media can increase brand awareness, build trust and loyalty and allows you to interact with customers directly - giving your business credibility.

We can help your business build a strong online social presence by creating a social media strategy and helping you to execute it.

To save you time, we can also train your staff on how to manage your social media.

The KP Collective services:

  • Social Media Strategy & Planning
  • Social Media Management
  • Set up social media accounts
  • Design custom profiles
  • Content management
  • Monitor your digital presence
  • Prepare monthly reports
  • Social media training
  • Advertising & campaigns


Want your social media platforms managed for you? Contact us today to discuss our packages.



Don’t lose your audience - get the hub of your marketing performing.


More people see your website than the rest of your marketing materials and advertising combined. And, you have about 30 seconds to capture their attention.

We can help create a positive experience for your audience and make your website the hard-working hub of your digital marketing strategy.

Websites contribute enormously to your brand, so we will help make sure your business website is clean, easy to navigate, focuses on benefits and delivers your messages clearly.

We also help with those pesky grammar and spelling mistakes!

The KP Collective services:

  • Website project management - help you build your website hassle free!
  • Web copy
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Website audit
  • Website optimisation
  • Google Analytics and reporting
  • Content management


Need help writing or managing your website? Contact us for a free consultation.

Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing

We’ll get you found by both search engines and new customers.


You've got your website. Now what? The best-looking web site is no good to your business if it can’t be found.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is the one that doesn’t involve ads! It is the process of making your website rank highly in search engine results such as Google.

The higher your search results the greater the "traffic" to your website.

We will figure out what people are searching for and create content that helps your customers find you:

  • Write well thought out, quality content
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Keyword optimisation
  • On-page optimisation
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Traffic reports


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This is the one with the ads... or the one you have to pay for!

We can help set your budget, determine what you should pay per click and watch you reach new audiences.

But, the best part of SEM is that everything is measurable. The results let you see what works (and what doesn’t).

We can test ad copy and tweak your campaigns until we get the best possible return on your investment.

  • Campaign strategy
  • Keyword research
  • Ad copywriting
  • Pay Per Click campaigns (Google Adwords)
  • ROI analysis
  • Monthly reporting


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