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A little about
The KP Collective.

It’s common and cliché, but it’s true – we love a good story.

We are visual creatives with an eye for words. We have experience creating fresh and engaging content and helping organisations of all shapes and sizes find their voice.

Whether it is engaging with the community, video/film/tv production, connecting with your audience, opening up lines of communication, diffusing imminent issues through crisis communication, or working out where you want to be and the marketing action plan to get you there – we love a challenge.

We pride ourselves on authentic and genuine collaboration and enjoy the process of creating you a strong, strategic and unrivalled presence.

is key

We also work together with some amazing and talented people and pride ourselves on selecting the right team for the job.

From the shadows...

Behind the scenes
of your job is:

Kara Pisconeri, Creative Director

As an experienced creative producer and publicist, Kara has an inherent understanding of what makes a great story and how to take a script to screen in a way that connects with all kinds of audiences.

Kara’s areas of expertise span both online and offline areas of communication, with a strong focus on marketing, public relations and creative production.